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Acasă Despre Noi

Despre Noi

Fondatorul Fitness101 este Virgil Rinner (22 de ani). El face echipă cu câțiva prieteni pentru a posta informații bune despre fitness și sănătate pe blog. Virgil este, de asemenea, un sportiv fanatic.

Fitness101 Team

The founder of Fitness101 is Virgil Rinner (22 years old).
Sophie van Lent
Sophie is a young care provider with years of experience. She obtained her master's degree in Health Sciences at Erasmus University. She currently works as a Medical Advisor at Erasmus MC. Sophie is a creative writer and also enjoys reading books.
Jasmijn Dijkstra
Jasmijn Dijkstra is a registered nutritionist with expertise in Nutrition and Health. She holds a master's degree in Nutrition and Health from Wageningen University & Research. In her spare time, Jasmijn likes to work out in the gym.
Peter comes from a sporty family and has been playing sports since childhood. He holds a master's degree in Sexology from VU Amsterdam. He currently works as a doctor sexologist.


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